When shooting portraits, I keep it light and fun. No one likes being up tight in front of the camera so we will work together to capture the “real”, and relaxed, you. When the location and circumstances permit, I set up so that you see your pictures on a computer screen as we take them. I find this makes for better pictures in the end by helping us both get more engaged in the process and by allowing us to tweak things as we go. A big part of making you feel comfortable — and thereby making a great portrait — is the location. Whether it’s your home, your office, a sports field, a concert hall, a park, or some other important place in your life, I will come to that location for our session. Of course, if you need to “get away from it all” to feel comfortable, we can shoot in my studio space, too!


What to expect

Before the day of our shoot, we will discuss your preferences and what you would like to see in your portrait. We will talk about location, looks you may want to achieve, and other details to make our session go smoothly. Most sessions last about an hour, not including my setup and teardown time. This gives us plenty of time for wardrobe changes, new poses, new backgrounds and new lighting sets. We will probably shoot over 100 frames so that you will have plenty of good options to choose from. Don’t worry; they go by very quickly! Throughout it all, we will be working to capture the “real you” and not just a staged “say cheese” moment. It’s all about making a great portrait, so we will take the time and shoot the frames to make that happen. After the shoot, I will post your proofs in a private gallery right here on the web site. This will allow you to view them, compare similar shots to choose the best, and ultimately pick your final choices. Once you have selected your images, I will take care of all of the details including all final image adjustments and printing. I want your final portrait to be perfect!

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